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i got her a bunch of tissues and wiped it myself

WD: mujhay karnay doo u ok na babe (cleaned it) woh tumari dress woh i think he took ur panties

(helping her get dressed) kuch baat bani toh acha hay katrina

[Image: UpdrpZY.jpg]
(23-07-2019, 12:20 AM)wkdevil Wrote: when she was maiking her way back one guy pulled on her sleeve tearing it

they wer sor horny he used that to jerk hi cock...seeing him some men got on stage and pulled at her clothes

tearing it and one guy roughly pulled her bra off..a little gift borke between them for her clothes

jaq: (still on her knees crawling naked making his way to him) umm u big boy u want me na?

rahim: array raand angreizi nahin ati sahi say bool (he shoting his gun in the air)

jaq: umm meri chut chaiya na? pehlay toh tum hi chodogay na *she teased him more lyed like this and spanked her ass)

yeh wala bhi deti hoon aur yahan toh (spread her ass cheks and showed her asshole) yahan aaj tak nahin liya (A abovious lie)

(u getting instruction in ur ear piece by ur team) " IS we are 30 min away keep them busy jaq knows it too"

jaq: (u saw she literally jumped in his arms his hands all over her legs and she in his lap) umm tum toh kaffi baday hoon

lagta hay kaffi ladkiyon ki letay hoon

rahim: haan yahan goan ki koi bhi ladki ko uthakay rape kar deta hoon (this made jaq hate him more)

they grabbing her and everything grabbing her clothes but she not letting that effect her at all... she even lying to him by saying she never took it in her ass

she with the main guy now... in his lap... his hands all over her... me and jaq hated guys like him thats why we wanted to catch him

i even singalled to jaq with my mouth when she looked '30 minutes' so she knew how long she needed to keep him busy
(23-07-2019, 12:24 AM)wkdevil Wrote: i got her a bunch of tissues and wiped it myself

WD: mujhay karnay doo u ok na babe (cleaned it) woh tumari dress woh i think he took ur panties

(helping her get dressed) kuch baat bani toh acha hay katrina

katrina: woh i think... ab toh next month hi pata chalega mujhe toh... chalo pass them as well

she also cleaning making sure she was all clean and that was when she looked and saw your hard on and she was shocked

katrina: yeh kya WD... whats this... tum kahin kisi ladki ke saath teh abhi 

she would not be happy if you was with another woman but you saying no and she believed you 

[Image: Sc7BurD.jpg]

katrina: toh kya.. iss mein toh bas 2 options hai ya toh you was with another girl ya toh you was watching aur tumhe acha laga 

then you looking down a bit ashamed and she even smiled

katrina: you liked watching me like that... tumhe acha laga jab woh mere saath kar raha tha vaise... really 

toh kya acha lag... ki kaise usne apna power use kiya mere saath aur woh sab kar liye jo usko karna tha and he plastered by face with his cum woh acha laga

[Image: TX02YIV.jpg]

(she smiling and teasing you she actually didnt mind at all)

aare its ok... koi baat nahin hai... woh priyanka ne kaha tha ki you have that kind of fetish... mujhe toh abhi apta chala pakka toh

acha hai i know... ab toh main soch rhai hoon main khud tumare doston ko bula loon ghar pe aur unke saath you know 

(she winking and laughing) aare chalo am only joking... chalo ab... wapas bhi jaana hai lagta hai event bhi miss hogaya yeh sab karke 

[Image: RrYUFNu.jpg]
jaq moved her hand on his cock and u saw with her thumb presing on his cock

jaq: chalo na andar apako janat dikhati hoon (she wanted him away from the crowd and alone)

rahim: array jaan (u saw he just licked her face ..u saw a disgusted look on jaq too) jo karn hay khula karunga

[Image: 40TJjMS.jpg]

(he lifted her pver her shoulder) chalo mera bistar lagao beech mein chaloo ab

[Image: J6TF0vS.jpg]

(u saw jaq looked at u a little tense she was gonna get fucked now and still ur team was away)

[Image: 66za9n2.jpg]

(u saw he threw her on that katiya and took his clothes off and all his men around crowding her
[Image: v7E5HFc.jpg]

guy: sardar gaand mardoo iski bohot mast hay..salli ko kat khaoo

guy 2: sardar jaldo karo humnay line lag rakhi hay yeh toh behsoh jaygi yahan say

jaq: (still being profestioanl spread her legs) umm dekhi hay int chikni chut aoo

rahim (u saw he dint care he just pushed his cock in and ur gf screamed in pain she was meat for him that its)

ur team : Is there in 20 bas

[Image: WPy44Ct.jpg]
(19-07-2019, 04:44 AM)IndianSaiyan Wrote: WD who had the perfect life... married to two super hot woman in tamanna and shruti

was having real marriage troubles now after what happened

shruti being ignorned by WD and not getting enough attention from him acted out... and the way she acted out was getting fucked infornt of him 

that was her way of acting out... which WD hated... seeing his wife like that... shruti was always slutty 

[Image: 0wu3SWN.jpg]

but WD had never seen her with another man until then... so he was not happy

after that day he took shruti home but gave shrti a day to get her things together and leave the house since he didnt want to be with her 

shruti being shruti she really loved WD but she was stuborn herself as well with this 

the only one that was trying to get it all sorted was tamanna... trying to congince both of them especially WD... since he was so upset with shruti actions

[Image: 2yZUxu8.jpg]

saying things like 'jaan aise toh nahin... you both loved each other so much aur aise hi hatam kar dogaye'

this didnt convince WD at all... but what it did was delay any real seperation of marriage but shruti did leave the house herself 

tamanna trying to get them back together fully... shruti and WD both missed each other but WD was taking a firm stand

shruti decided to go abroad for awhile to cool off and realx away from all this

[Image: ORkLmhQ.jpg]
(21-07-2019, 10:16 PM)wkdevil Wrote: she had me upside down and her pussy was leaking my cucm i dint care stared licking her cunt

WD: umm momma woh ahh saff karo na woh moom woh balls mein umm ach afell hora hay

(my mom took my virginity and my dad had just made alia lie down too)

[Image: wHlPpz3.jpg]

wah! erotic view
(21-07-2019, 10:23 PM)wkdevil Wrote: after her shoot was done she went and gave each of them a kiss on their lips

katrina: make sure u guys edit it right theek hay u can ask my husband on my second visit i let them cum in me and not on the floor theek hay

(she waled out like that making them gasp and she had 15 minutes beofre she had to get to her shoot)

[Image: kc3tUvs.jpg]

(u both in the car she loking ovber the script) yeh kya hay damn fuckers again its just glamour shots? no dialouges

and all dialouges are about me praising the hero..and i onlt stare at the camera uhhh

*she threw the papers and reached the studio and a lot of acotrs were ther she walking in on the set when ranbir who was shoting there right in front of alia hi gf

grabbed katrina hand and took her to a side)

[Image: wj1m5pw.jpg]

ranbir: katirna  meray calls kyun nahin uthari hoon tum and reply on texts na woh dekho i wore ur fav all black today

katrina: (lokking at the stunned alia and decided to tease him more) i did reply u array IS bolo na dint i call him over of the night

i rreally wanted u ranbir in me kasam say..uff fingerd my self all night..umm maybe tumari gf nay woh texts delet kardiya kyun Is i sent him na

[Image: jkKF4yK.jpg]

hottest erotic

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