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GropersHub / groping
Send us or tell your groping experience am gonna start tomorrow about some of my experiences waiting for fellow gropers
Today dated as visarjan was a very beautiful day as we devoted ourselves to lord Ganesha
Sorry for our sins lord
But i wanna start with my groping exp today was a busy day in x city becoz of crowd gathering it was good opportunity for my dick to stick on sone asses
I started with a old not so old but yeah she was like 54-55 yrs she dressed in tight pink blouse with her belly open to explore her boops were huge kind of like melons she was aint wearing any bra probably not even a undy i started in a wue for darshan due to all people pushing each other for taking photos i quickly grabbed this opportunity and started brushing her ass she didnt respond after some intial jerks i came to her side and palmed her belly as if i didnt knew i was doing it she was busy in praying and all that pushing was helping me i tried with my elbow to poke her boobs and my god what melons they were no bra i felt her nipples hard she looked at me angrily and i quickly vanished

Next target was a kinky girl she didnt had looks but was very thin i personally love thin girls to rub because we feel all their bones and i know its weird but yeah i just got behind her pretending as if i was watching the dance i started pushing my dick at her back becoz the girl was short i couldn't dick her ass so i oressed my knee on her ass i was feeling her warmth she was getting hot she started sweating and was trying to ignore me she was with her friends but none of them was interested in her being groped
Finally enjoyed her and moved on

Brushed some fat auntys and then found a beautiful lady in blue saree from behind she was a patakha she had those??? lace blouse thread ones just single thread her bare back was sweating i was getting so frightened and nervous at the same time horny without wasting time i followed her then at some point of time they got super close to me she had a kid with her every time the kid cried she bent to stop her crying i thought this might be the chance got behind her and when she bent her ass would just push my dick so hard u cant imagine my full dick rubbed her like i was in her ass fuck the feeling was awesome i also touched her back with my phone in hands she was also quiet and nit resisting she stood with me in her ass rubbing her all hard in fact she was bending very often i tried to caress her boops with hands it was hard because of crowd anyone would notice but i tried to bring my knucles near her boops slowly rubbed her boops after that a old uncle got between us she was looking behind for me i eyes met and she gave ne a smile which i would not forget
Good one i too will sneakk in with u in few time with lots of xciting experience
It is always exciting to grope .... touching unknown female is heaven

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