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Added Flash-Files.com Premium Membership as Redeem Option at 50% discount

We have added flash-files.com Premium Membership as redeem option at flat 50% discount for our uploaders. Now you can upgrade your flash-files.com account to Premium using your earnings at flash-files.com

Redeem Options Added

We have added google play gift card as redeem option. Now you can buy Google Play E Gift Cards using your earnings at flash-files.com

FlashFiles Officially Opens

FlashFiles(flash-files.com) is now on with all features and services. It has now started it's premium and pay per download plans. Users now can earn money with every download of their files.

FlashFiles Trial

FlashFiles is currently running on trial period. It neither yet accept premium membership nor it pays you in any any way until the next notice, where we are planning to introduce points system for PPD, where you can redeem points for exciting gifts and real money.

FlashFiles launched

--FlashFiles-- The red ribbon has been cut. FlashFiles is now officially launched.

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