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Sunita, my wife shows her wild side
Sent you request plz accept
plz share here
Evil is Back to Xossip(z) Let the game begin !!!
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(14-06-2020, 12:53 PM)rusty_rohit Wrote: Hi All

My name is Rohit 35 and my wife is Sunita 32. 

We have been married 7 years and for the last 3 years have been getting into some forbidden cuckholding stuff.  THough we dont mutually agree that she enjoys being fondled by other men/women and I like seeing her getting fondled, we know that deep inside it turns us both on.

We have had a few naughty (close to dangerous) encounters and I would love to share .

Please do get in touch !

hii please ping me on hangout gmail id more chat...friendship couple....wanna hear your goa or other experience too

why not share here, everyone can give their inputs

however few of my experiences can be read here
have you tried cuckold? how was she enjoyed with an unknown person dick? how was your felling while fucked by others? how was the moaning?
I want to be cuckold husband any one can advice how would i agree my bestie
pls do show what you liked being cuck so that others can appreciate your wife and your efforts....
(25-05-2021, 11:16 PM)Harish0758 Wrote: I want to be cuckold husband any one can advice how would i agree my bestie
my personal advice, as i have done from time to time and she has started showing almost all her assets  to others to pls me....I displayed her innocent oops and had shown her the comments from the net of others appreciating her assets, now-a-days she is giving me pleasure....

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