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I am a 50 year old women ask me anything.
That was 1 of the detailed ans u gave.
(07-02-2021, 09:00 AM)donga0092019 Wrote: That was 1 of the detailed ans u gave.
Well, it was one of the most vivid memories I have. I orgasmed 6-7 times that night.
I am sure u had cocks of many sizes. Does size matter?
(08-02-2021, 02:04 AM)donga0092019 Wrote: I am sure u had cocks of many sizes. Does size matter?
Yes and no, it depends on how he uses it. As i said i once had a 10 inch dick. I sure felt stuffed it but i didn't enjoy it very much. Personally i like them to be around 6 -7 inches. But i also had some men who had smaller dicks but very good in bed. Also remember its not always the length but width also matters.
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  • Gorshkov
500+ views and only 2 members asked questions so far. If some feels shy ask me in private.
U R very genuine in UR answers. seems U R an expert now entitled to take any positions in bed and even in real life. Such Bold and genuine girls likes U are not common and indeed very rare to see in real though some are into it. Appreciate U and expect U to share some pix without exposing your face if U dont mind sharing here or U can share to UR fans or whoever like me interested to see U.

Since U R not into such business U enjoy doing it many times and only some times U get frustration as U had explained how it all happened. Further, have U ever had a thought that U R doing something bad to UR flesh and blood.

If possible can U share here What made U to decide guys as per UR intentions and situations. Further, Who was lucky to be the first guy and what really made UR mind to go ahead with number of Guys.

What U want to say to the other women of UR age or of UR experience or whoever want to have more orgasms with diff men.
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  • bosslady1980
Want to ask U Y this lonelywomen1967 with year. Does year and being lonely matters U. Further, After UR experiences shared here in this thread U never seem to be alone and U never seem to a girl of 1960s rather U seem to be better than all these 1980s or 1990s or 2K.

Better U can change it to Uniquewomen or Tectonic like names that matters very much. Is it not. is UR name Nayanthara. Because I saw a thread in the name Nayanthara too in this forum.
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  • bosslady1980, Mysoremasa
Pls check in this thread before from the start U haven't yet answered some of the questions asked to U. U can feel free to be frank in those too.
very happy to see some of the queries to U had got detailed answers here. Appreciate U for taking time to explain in detail. U can even share UR experiences starting from One till date here. Even regular update about everyday would be more amazing to read as no other have made it like U.

if Possible try to update live or everyday.
Usually many think that size matters but its not the reality. Being an Expert U have answered such like a doctor to make most of the guys and girls understand who want to have or who already had without any previous knowledge of it.

Stamina always matters as U said, Its true that A guy has to have stamina rather than a big size and a passion to foreplay and impress his partner to the best to make her invite him often or to be very close to him or to allow him any time any day or to be his counterpart mostly.

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