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Windows PC Software
[Image: ffmpeg-batch-converter-portable.jpg]
File Size: 84.3 MB

FFmpeg Batch Portableis a Windows front-end for ffmpeg advanced users, that allows single or multi-process unlimited batch processing, with automatic shutdown. FFmpeg Batch is a Windows front-end for ffmpeg users, that joins the full potential of ffmpeg command line in a convenient GUI with drag and drop, file details view, etc.

It provides single or multi-file batch processing, single and total progress information, and allows automatic shutdown on queue completion. You can use any set of parameters, which can be tried for a small part of any file prior to start conversion. Also features convenient way for trimming and concatenating multimedia files, as well as changing volume, audio shifting, waveform generation.

You can save your favourite custom ffmpeg parameters sets, and create as many presets as wished. In addition you can obtain multimedia file info, thanks to mediainfo.exe wrapping.

The package includes the latest Zeranoe builds for ffmpeg/ffprobe. Since the application just starts ffmpeg threads, you could probably use your own compiled ffmpeg.exe if required, by overwriting the existing version in the installation folder.

Those who are familiar with the FFmpeg standard, but are still novices in terms of command-line based queries might be looking for a way to avoid the console approach to performing video/audio conversions or similar operations.FFmpeg Batch A/V Converterwas developed addressing exactly such issues, and it will present users with an accessible, GUI-based solution to their batch video or audio related requirements.

Accessible, on-screen controls, ensure fast processing and intuitive handling

As opposed to the command-line workflow for processing video conversions or other related activities, this app relies its entirety on a highly functional graphical interface. This will come as a guarantee for users who aren't entirely familiarized with CMD environments, that they will be able to perform all operations with ease.

All the main controls and functions are represented through large, discernible buttons, and this helps tremendously in speeding-up the workflow.

Running multiple subtitles for several videos at a time? This is no issue for this app

By far, the most prominent capability that this app offers is its batch processing, which is made available for almost all of its features. Regardless if users choose to perform a simple video conversion, add subtitles or more advanced operations, such as concatenations, simultaneous, multi-file processing will be a breeze.

One neat little feature that we thought was really useful is the sequential processing option, which starts processing the files in the preferred order.

Great alternative to the command-line based FFmpeg solution that will entice novice users as well as more advanced ones

If one is on the look-out for a more-or-less complete video/audio conversion and processing tool, with impressive batch capabilities, that this app could very well fill that gap. Thanks to its user-friendly interface and accessible commands it will surely promote fun and hassle-free operation, unlike the classic, command-line based workflow imposed in FFmpeg processing.


Single and multi-process batch processing
Drag and drop support
Full control on ffmpeg parameters that can be saved as presets
Easy mkv/mp4 stream mapping and multiplexing
Batch subtitling mux SRT or VobSub
Trim and concatenate
Audio shifting
Volume change and waveform
Automatic shutdown
Create video from still image and audio file
Media file info
ffmpeg log file automatically saved
audio video encoding

What's NEW:

FFmpeg 4.4 full build.
New settings 'Delete source files' feature:
Files can be sent to recycle bin or actually deleted.
Files can be deleted one by one after a successful encoding, or at the end of the queue.
New icons to display recyled or source deleted files.
Files can now be removed from the list during encoding, or skipped during multi-file encoding.


[Image: 04efed9df4810e110e53305d78686208.jpeg]
File size: 138.2 MB
Simply enter the artist or song title in the search box and you'll get great results from the YouTube portal. Afterwards, you can download the video or audio file. The albums search helps you to find a complete album for free on YouTube. The YouTube Song Downloader loads automatically the version with the best quality of each download and adjust the volume over all songs.

Find music
Simply enter the artist or song title in the search box and you'll get great results from the YouTube portal. Afterwards, you can download the video or audio file.

Make your choice
The YouTube Song Downloader allows you to preview files immediately. Simply select an entry and click the play button to get things going...

Keep an overview
The YouTube Song Downloader allows you to get a clean and informative overview about the download status at any time.

You can download music files in MP3 or OGG and videos is FLV, AVI or MP4.

Download music and videos
Simply enter the artist or song title in the search box and you'll get great results from the YouTube portal. Afterwards, you can download the video or audio file.

Album search
The albums search helps you to find a complete album on YouTube.

Top quality
The YouTube Song Downloader loads automatically the version with the best quality of each download.

Whats New:
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version


[Image: ad9ea82d6e31b69df3a08d3beaa1fda7.png]
x64 | File Size: 2.58 GB

Capture and integrate reality data directly into your design process with reality capture software and services that work with Autodesk design and creation suites.

ReCap Photo

Get expanded photogrammetry capabilities with ReCap Photo, now available with a subscription to ReCap Pro.

ReCap Pro for mobile

Register, mark up, and measure reality capture data in the field with an iPad Pro. Includes collaboration features.

Automatically register laser scans

Automatic registration creates an accurate, scalable 3D point cloud from your scan data in minutes.

Measure and edit point clouds

Use ReCap to to measure, markup, and communicate throughout the point cloud data and share it with collaborators.

Auto cleanup tool

Remove unwanted objects from your point clouds.


Convert your point cloud into a mesh with the scan-to-mesh service for use in other Autodesk products.

Aerial photogrammetry

Autodesk ReCap Photo is an extension of Autodesk ReCap Pro made for converting aerial and object photographs to 3D models.

Create videos

Explore video output features to showcase your project to collaborators and clients.

OS:Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

CPU:2.0 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 64-bit (x64) processor

Memory:8 GB or more RAM

Display:1600 x 1050 or higher true color

Display Card:OpenGL 3.3 capable workstation-class graphics card with 1 GB or greater graphics memory

Brower:Google Chrome - latest version


Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Microsoft Windows 8 (64-bit);

CPU:2.0 GHz or faster 64-bit (x64) processor

Memory:64 GB system RAM

Display Card:Video Nvidia GFX card with 4GB VRAM ²

Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise, Ultimate, or Professional (64-bit)


[Image: th-SZsopx6r-Bb7-EUp-VHfm09-Xx-Xk0-Uf-L9-A40.jpg]

proDAD VitaScene 4.0.290 (x64) Multilingual | Languages: Multilingual | File Size: 152.48 MB

With over 1,400 professional transition effects and video filters, proDAD VitaScene V4 offers probably the most comprehensive and versatile collection of high-quality effects. This makes VitaScene V4 the ideal effect package whether you are a filmmaker, content creator or you shoot weddings, whether you produce documentaries or travelogues. Compared to its predecessor, proDAD VitaScene V4 has grown in scope from around 700 to about 1,400 filters and transition effects. And for the first time VitaScene V4 offers a completely new, comprehensive effect category that is currently at the top of many filmmakers' wish lists: "Seamless Transitions".

Seamless Transitions" allow for particularly dynamic, organic, and flowing transitions. A high-quality motion blur can also be combined with a unique color shift effect. Versatile presets allow applying the effects quickly and easily. If you wish to do so, the intensity of the filters and the style of the animation can be precisely controlled via keyframes and adapted to the individual video material. This provides the user with new and flexible design options. The "Seamless Transitions" enrich the creative toolset of each designer and are also excellently suited for dynamic title and graphic animations.

The "Seamless Transitions" section alone already includes a dozen different categories such as wipes, zooms, warps, stretching or panoramic transition effects. These groups are then further subdivided into different characteristics and styles.

In addition to the new Seamless Transitions, VitaScene V4 offers the entire spectrum of the proven proDAD video filters and transition effects in the best professional quality. These include filters for looks as well as light filters for lighting your scene in postproduction. This ranges from soft accents and reflections to glistening light. Changes in color and brightness create a romantic or a dynamic mood. Spotlight effects allow to highlight and emphasize details.

Present your pictures in the style of a cartoon, a pencil drawing or in a 3D look! Create surreal worlds by transforming landscape and building shots into miniature landscapes applying the tilt shift effect. Video filters with highly efficient algorithms will enhance older or not so perfect shots and optimize contrast, brightness, sharpness, and color - all fully automatic and in no time at all!

The VitaScene V4 video filters can also be applied excellently to text inserts and graphics, allowing particularly impressive effects and animations to be created - all with just a few mouse clicks and without any programming effort. The effective GPU acceleration makes VitaScene V4 particularly powerful and fast. This makes using Vitascene V4 effects fun, regardless of whether you work with editing solutions from Grass Valley, Adobe, Blackmagic Design, Corel, Cyberlink, Pinnacle or with MAGIX Deluxe or MAGIX VEGAS.

- Over 1,400 professional video filters & transition effects
- Also ideal for animating Text & Graphics
- Supporting up to 8K
- Extensive Presets
- Controllable via Keyframes
- Effective GPU-Acceleration

Release Notes
- Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.

System Requirements:

- Windows 64-Bit Vista, Win7, Win8, Win8.1, Win10
- i7 CPU
- 6 GB Memory



[Image: 7086aa93-c496-4654-9db6-167a5ba38ec6.png]
File size: 1.5 MB

RegCool - Advanced Registry-Editor.

Advanced registry editor: RegCool is an advanced registry editor. In addition to all the features that you can find in RegEdit and RegEdt32, RegCool adds many powerful features that allow you to work faster and more efficiently with registry related tasks. Key Features - Multiple undo and redo - Search and replace - Compare registries - Cut, copy and paste - Drag and drop - Registry Snapshot - Backup and restore - Defragment. RegCool runs on all Windows versions from Windows XP onwards and is available in the following languages: English, German, French, Chinese, Spanish, Nederlands, Hungary, Russian and Portuguese!

Multiple undo and redo - The undo history can be saved to disk and reloaded at startup...

Search & replace - Search and replace registry keys, values and data with a super fast search algorithm. You can search the entire registry in about ten seconds on a typical PC! -x - Search and replace registry keys, values and data with a super fast search algorithm. You can search the entire registry in about ten seconds on a typical PC!

Compare - Compare registry between computers with super fast speed...

RegShot-Function - Regshot allows you to quickly take a snapshot of your registry and then compare it with a second one - done after doing system changes or installing a new software product...

Cut, Copy & Paste - Cut, copy and paste registry keys and values...

Drag und Drop - With Drag and drop you can quickly move or copy registry keys and values...

Backup & Restore - Complete Backup and restore of the registry...

Defragment - Scan and optimize your registry by removing gaps and wasted space, thereby helping to improve system performance. If you choose to defrag your registry after the scan results, be prepared to reboot your machine...

Favorites management - Easy and flexible Favorites management...

Multiple local registry windows - Allow to open multiple local registry windows...

Secure registry keys - Allows you to open secure registry keys when running under the administrator privilege.... .

Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP. Including both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.


[Image: 1a30ae2a053fc06fcef7cbabef7fc01b.png]
File Size : 7.4 Mb

Remote Administrator Control is designed for connection to a remote computer where you can work fully as if working on a local computer.

The client displays all the activity that is being done on the remote computer, and you can fully control the remote computer with your keyboard and mouse or only view. For remote computer control there are some displays modes available: full screen, 15-200% display. During the of controlling the remote computer you may record all your activities to video files. Using the client you may connect to several remote computers at once. The data transfer between the client and server is secure, all data frames are encoded.
Easy to install, intuitive layout

Installing the application does not require too much or effort from the user and during our tests the operation completed without unwanted events.

As the name suggests, this is just one half of the remote control kit because it also needs a server to connect to.

The application window, even with no connections available, may seem pretty daunting since the list of possibilities is pretty extensive. Even creating a new connection can be an overwhelming task for a regular user.

Extra functionality

Apart from the common options that allow the control level over the remote computer, RAC Client also provides in-depth customization settings for connecting through a server, an HTTP tunnel, enabling Wake-on-LAN or recording the remote screen.

There is also the possibility to turn on chatting with the distant machine and even to install the server in order to enjoy the full benefits of the client.

Configuration options are numerous and refer to fin-tuning performance, locking the remote user out by disabling the keyboard, mouse and the screen. Moreover, there are settings for actions to be taken after the connection is finished.

Complete client tool for remote computer administration

Remote Administrator Control Client can maintain multiple remote connections at the same and keep them organized into folders. It makes available a rich set of connection options along with extra features such as locking the remote user out or recording of the session.



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