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Message for Spammers and Requestors

Dear Xossipz Members

One thing has come into my notice. The Adult Forum is filled with Fakes posted by numerous Extraordinary Talented Users in their Respective Threads.

Though some users among them are Open towards taking requests regarding which celebrity to fake next, while some are against it.

It's effecting the flow and quality of the User/Faker's Thread and such consistent Baseless Faking Requests are not less than Spamming.

Considering this and looking at the cluster of Requests forming on each Fakes relates Thread.

This is to inform all the so called Requestors to use PM (Private Message) services and avoid filling User/Faker's Thread with Pile of Requests.

Users who neglect this and try to still pursue in Spamming Threads will be given Warnings, which eventually will lead to Ban

This is a great platform, let's keep it clean and make it better for posters who provide Masala Content.

Alternately, having your own Thread or posting content is not necessary, simply spectating and appreciating the quality Masala Content that the Posters present will do wonders.

Good initiative Kat

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