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How to Save a Sexless Marriage
Sex Specialists define a sexless marriage as one in which intercourse happens under 10 times each year. Here are a few ways to improve that number.

Talk to your partner about why you're rarely intimate anymore. Long-standing anger and resentments can bring interest in sex to a screeching halt. Be honest about your feelings, and listen non-judgmentally to theirs. Then see if you can come up with solutions.

TIP: Try having sex when you're not in the mood. Sex therapists say that once people get started, the passion often follows.

Get checkups, especially if you're getting older and you haven't had physicals in a while; medical conditions can cause sexual problems or a loss of interest, as can depression and some medications.

Clear the bedroom of distractions  particularly electronics ? to make it more conducive to lovemaking.

Improve your self-esteem. If a poor body image is the reason you're avoiding sex, take steps to feel better about yourself. Begin by asking your partner what they like about your body. Chances are it's a lot more than you think!

Get away from the kids. If all your time, energy, and focus have switched from your spouse to your kids, get things back in balance. Family therapists say the best thing you can do for your children is to keep your marriage strong.

TIP: If exhaustion is the problem, take steps to free up some leisure time and get more sleep.

Consider getting couples counseling with a therapist who specializes in sexual issues. They may be able to pinpoint a problem that you didn't even know existed.
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The first thing is not to make the intimacy always about sex that puts pressure on the individual and will make them defensive. You need lots of patience build intimacy and connection between you not moments that push sex. 

Spend time talking, being affectionate but not sexual. Make time to relax together and do fun things together rebuild the bonds through activities outside of work pressure and sexual pressure. 

Talk gently and pleasantly so that there is freedom to open up with fear of anger, or rejection, that creates barriers.

Learn to caress and explore your bodies and don't make it just for full sex re-establish intimacy.

Build trust so that fantasies can be shared without judgement or threat. 

It takes time but soon you will share sex in the way that you both enjoy and with an understanding of each persons sexual needs, fantasies, fears, what excites, what turns them off.
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