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Have you see Desi girl peeing Standing up..??
Ok i will share my first sighting incident on Tonight!!
Wat ever u guys tell no women can pee standing i can vouch for it
(29-11-2019, 01:18 AM)74 farenheit Wrote: Wat ever u guys tell no women can pee standing i can vouch for it

Yes... Believe it or not, its up to u...
Today I was walking towards my home. I saw one woman and her 4-5 year daughter are walking on the road. suddenly her daughter ask something to her mother and put her pantie up to knee from her frock and she set roadside near the tree and start peeing. meanwhile she (her mother) looking her left and right and she stands beside her. she has hike her saree up to her ankles only, I can see the firm of peeing between her legs. after sometime her daughter finish and ready to go but she is still continuing the peeing. after half of minutes both leaved the place with wet patched.
share more to live this thread....
A couple walked to the fence, hand in hand. She stood next to him, at one side. A boy wear shirt and pant while a lady wear 1 piece full length gown. Once they went to parking, I followed them...

She stood next to him, at one side, watching closely as he peed. He was facing towards wall. After he completed he put his tool into pant and set close the zip.

Then it was her turn. She stood with her back to the wall and feet apart. She keep her gown from left hand from left side and her right hand was free and she is talking with her partner.. then after 20 seconds she leave her hand from gown and still stand for 5-10 seconds with same position and then both leave the place... There was a big wet puddle on the ground where she stand....
This took place 2 years back. One day post after-noon at around 3 O’ clock, I had gone to the car parking area which was in the basement of our office building. I went and sat inside my car parked in some dark corner and started smoking cigarette. The basement is used only for car parking and there is one small room in the basement which is used to dispatch courier letters. All the lights inside the basement were switched off and only one tube light near the dispatch section is glowing and also there is some light coming from court below glass from the corners of the basement. Dispatch is done by a 32 year old aunty. She sits in the dispatch room located in some corner in the basement. While I was sitting inside my car smoking a cigarette, I saw aunty coming out from the dispatch room and walking towards the gutter. There is one small gutter running in the middle of the garage. That gutter consists of drainage water and flowing from somewhere and paan spits. After going near that gutter, she placed her legs on either side of the gutter. Then she lifted her saree and petticoat till her thighs and the she just bent her legs a bit backwards. Now she started peeing into that gutter standing. Since that gutter was near her dispatch room and there is one tube light near her dispatch room, I was able to see the scene very clearly sitting in my car. Forget her pissing pose, the moment she raised her saree and petticoat till her thighs, I got aroused seeing her fat thighs.
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